is your real IoT Virtual lock device

Protect and get informed about state of your doors, garage, window sliders, drawers, car hood, secret room and other things. With Vi-Lo you can protect virtualy anything, only your mind is limiting you.
Additional functions - daily status and temparature are recorded with each Vi-Lo device

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Vi-Lo dedicated application

Dedicated, mobile friendly and responsive web application will let you manage all your virtual locks and will inform you about breaking your virtual lock by message to your mobile, e-mail or twitter account anywhere around the world

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Vi-Lo communicates with you

Vi-Lo supports the most popular IoT communication protocols Sigfox™, LoRa™ or TeeDeet™, just make your choice which suits the best to your likes.

SIGFOX, Lora and TeeDeet versions

3 easy steps to start with Vi-Lo

One - Get your own Vi-Lo device

Two - Register your device to web application.

Three - Place it to any place you wish and get it protected

So easy it is

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One Vi-Lo and many posibilities

Vi-Lo is your virtual lock. Device, which will send you message about opening or closing thing, where it is placed and under your defined conditions. You place it on the door, window sliders, garage doors, drawer edge and be informed about every movement of the doors, drawers sliders or any other thing which you protect with your virtual lock device. Only your needs are limit. Status informations and temperature is delivered to your account each day as additional features. No configurations, no power lines, no signed deals.Just get your Vi-Lo and you are ready to go.

Virtual lock

Device developed and manufactured by Czech leaders in IoT technologies and wireless communications.

IoT technologies

Vi-Lo can be ordered with SIGFOX,LoRa and TeeDeet version. The major IoT protocols are supported.

Long Battery Life

Device is powered by one standard AAA battery. It will last for year and more, depending on usage.

User Notifications

Alarms, status changes, battery status and other messages can be delivered to your e-mail, smart phone or social network account and it is fully configurable.

Lowest Costs

No signed deal, no monthly fees. Just order your device and use it. All versions are delivered with one year subscription to SIGFOX, LoRa and TeeDeet network.

Easy To Use

There is no configuration required. Just unpack Vi-Lo, turn it On and register device to web application. Now your device is running and sending messages.

The best price in the city

Vi-Lo is only for 90 Euro include tax, one year subscription to IoT networks and 50 SMS credit

Dedicated Vi-Lo responsive app

View your data as graphs and tables. Set notification and alarm messages on different channels. Availaible channels are like E-mail or SMS messages. Responsible app matches all devices.

Arm or disarm your device remotly from anywhere anytime you wish

Set up status and alarms messages for all states of your virtual lock

Online status, alarms and history data are presented in graphs and tables

Sigfox, LoRa™, TeeDeet - Vi-Lo covers it

Vi-Lo device covers all long range low power IoT protocols like SIGFOX, LoRa and TeeDeet. You will get one year subscription to network operator with device and we guarantee you 14 days to test network. If you are not in range of network, we will take back device and replace or refund it, if no network is reachable for you.

SIGFOX version

Europe SIGFOX version

Vi-Lo SIGFOX version can be used around Europe with SIGFOX network coverage. No signed deals or contracts are required. Just get Vi-Lo and you are connected. One year subscription to SIGFOX is included with Vi-Lo

LORA version

LoRaWan network version

Vi-Lo LORA version is for users, which are covered by some local LoRaWan operator. It doesn't require gateways or routers, no other signed deals or contracts are required to run it

TEEDEET version

TeeDeet cloud version

Vi-Lo TeeDeet version is for all users of TeeDeet network can use this version. This version is low range and can be used together with other TeeDeet devices or gateways are installed

Three easy steps to install Vi-Lo

Just 3 simple steps and you can be in touch with real world of IoT. Get your Vi-Lo device and your doors, garage, window sliders, safe with jewellry or secret room are connected and you will be informed about each open and close of it anytime and anywhere in the world. Just connect reed contact and your device is on and ready to serve you.

Using real IoT device never was easier like with Vi-Lo


Get your own Vi-Lo device

It is first step of course. Use pre-order form and we willl send you Vi-Lo device of your choice and we will send you one set, ready to use out of the box.

Register your device id to web application

Each Vi-Lo device has unique product code. Use this code to register it to IoT network. Your account will be created in the same time. You are becoming part of beautiful IoT network.

Put Vi-Lo device to place of your choice

Place reed contact of Vi-Lo to your door, sliders or drawer oposite to main Vi-Lo and it is done. Detail instructions and templates are included for your convenience. After firts opening doors message will be delivered to your app. Log in your account and see it.

And you are done and connected. IoT can be so easy with our real products

Contact Us

We are happy to hear your wishes, ideas, good words or even complains. All of that help us to make our services better and let you, our customers to enjoy IoT. Drop us a note.

You can pre-order your own IoT virtual lock Vi-Lo with additional bonuses.

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Log to myVi-Lo

Log to your Vi-Lo account.If you are new user, get ready Product Id of your new Vi-Lo and go to Create account

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Create Vi-Lo account and register your device

Register your Vi-Lo device. Get ready Product Id of your new Vi-Lo and create account.

Vi-Lo order form

This is pre-order form and you may reserve your device directly from here. All pre-ordered devices are delivered with 50 free SMS credit which can be used in Czech republic.

Official start of selling Vi-Lo devices is planned for the 3rd week of September, 2016

Invoice will be sent to you when your pre-ordered device is ready to be distributed